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About Us


Commerce Department

To assist business and facilitate trade whilst providing the necessary
infrastructure to encourage the securing, utilisation and respect of
intellectual property rights.

The Commerce Department within the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, consists of the Trade Services Directorate and the Industrial Property Registrations Directorate which includes the Small Businesses and Crafts Unit.

Malta Crafts Council

The Malta Crafts Council was set up by virtue of the Malta Crafts Act (Cap 421 of the Laws of Malta). The aims of the Council are focused on the encouragement, promotion and regulation of crafts, craftspersons and entrepreneurs dealing in Maltese craft products. Crafts forming part of Malta’s historical heritage are given particular importance.



means a person who practices a Maltese craft.

means a person, whether an individual or a company who, by way of trade, deals in Maltese craft products.

means an art, skill, or trade, considered as a craft under the provisions of Act XXI of 2000, and practised by a person or persons in the manufacture of artefacts and other products and generally requiring in its manufacturing a greater input of human skill than of machinery.

Maltese Craft
means a craft generally reflecting the traditions and heritage of the Maltese Islands.

Maltese Craft Products
means products of Maltese crafts manufactured in Malta


Composition of the Malta Crafts Council

Mr. Godwin Warr
Director General Commerce Department – Chairman of the Council

Mr. Noel Bartolo
Deputy Chairman

Dr. Michelle Gialanzé
Representative of the Ministry for Education and Employment

Mr. Amabile Zammit
Representative of the Ministry for Gozo

Ms. Claire Cauchi
Representative of the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change

Ms. Josephine Deguara
Representative of the Ministry for Tourism

Ms. Nevise Said
Representative of a constituted organisation representing entrepreneurs

Three members , elected by and from among craftspersons registered with the Council:
Ms. Liliana Attard
Mr. Carmelo Spiteri
Mr. Mario Borg Sillato

One member, elected by and from among entrepreneurs registered with the Council:
Mr. Antoine Vella

Mr. Mark Xerri
Secretary of the Council



The Malta Crafts Council issues certificate tags and stickers which certify that craftspersons are registered with the Council.